The Reading

I sat patiently in the room; across from me sat the medium.  There was no sound at all.  It is hard to explain how I felt; it was a mixture of excitement and dread at what I would hear.  I had heard the typical stories and seen the typical programs that said mediums were a fraud.  That they played on your emotions grabbing onto anything they could from your reactions at what they said and what they observed of your person.  Even the questions they asked were designed to find out what you were all about.  I was not sure what was going to happen next.  The medium sat in front of me quietly, motionless, breathing meditatively as if recharging their battery after the last reading.  Eventually, the medium leaned over and grabbed a stone of some sort.  I was not sure what it did.  In my research I had come across ideas that certain stones or crystals produced certain effects on the holder.  They could heighten awareness, hone concentration, or produce a link between individuals.  For all I knew it was just another way to validate the experience. 

The medium began to speak to me, “What is it you are here for?” The first question was leading, there was no way to just say yes or no I had to answer with something more.  I just said, “I don’t Know.”  I was hoping that would be sufficient enough to move forward.  Sensing my reluctance to answer fully the medium just said that we would do a broad reading and then maybe we could get down to what I was there for.  Maybe some deeper truth or question would present itself.  And so I sat there answering a few question from time to time, not revealing any deep truths.  More often than not the questions were on the mark and the things the medium said about me were accurate.  My personality profile was perfect, though hard to imagine the medium would have known pretty much everything about me by just sitting there.  The session then slipped into something like life counseling.  I was told I should use common sense in everything I do, that I would come into some money in the future, that there was some sort of tropical landscape coming up, and that if there were any relationship issues it was worth working out.  This was everything that the debunkers of mediumship had warned of.  I thought that anything that was said could apply to anyone and that come six months or two years from now I could apply what was said and say I had heard that from the medium.  Could this be the validation of mediums as frauds?

These were not the things that I was told that I was fascinated with.  Through all of that there were a few things I picked up on, a few all too specific points that I could not refute.  Nothing on me would have informed the medium of them, nothing I said would have revealed to the medium something to latch on to and exploit.  Two things specifically amazed me, 1) that I was to have a dentist appointment, and 2) that I was going to get an oil change on my car.  Now when it comes down to it these should be regular six month to a year appointments that anyone would have.  It may have been a lucky guess that I would immediately grab on to and believe.  The thing is that it was Wednesday when I had the reading; Monday I had a dentist appointment that I had cancelled, and Friday I had an appointment for an oil change.  Was this enough proof to say without a doubt the medium’s gifts were genuine?

I waited six months to write this article because I wanted to see if anything I was told came true.  I was told that in time I would only have one job not two; at this point in time I still work full time and write on the side.  I was told that once I had that oil change it would lead to six months of financial ease.  At the time of this writing it seems to be that I was at no time at ease about our financials.  A sum of money was to come my way but other than regular paychecks I have seen nothing of substance.  No vacation to tropical paradise is on the horizon, nothing has been coming easily to me, and I was supposed to be disgustingly healthy for six months but the two day flu I had sort of proved that false.

The medium never guessed that I was there for pure research. I figured that my intentions would have been revealed as soon as I walked in the door. As I sit here six months later thinking back I still want to believe in it all.  There were points where I thought anyone could have been sitting in my seat because it all applied to a general audience.  Other times there were things that were said that were too specific for anyone else.  Probably there will never be irrefutable proof that it is all real.  As for me I am still going to believe that there are things on this earth that will probably always stay in the shadows.  I anxiously await my next reading to see what I am told.  I still hold out hope that it does not all have to come down to a draw.

Guernsey Hollow Cemetery Report

Bruce Gleason, Jim Neal, Todd Pitts, Trevor Pitts, Stacey Crosscut

Arrival: Checked equipment
Assigned equipment:

  • Bruce Gleason- Movie camera and flashlight
  • Jim Neal- ELF and Disposable camera (No Flash)
  • Todd Pitts- Tape Recorder w/ external microphone
  • Trevor Pitts- Clipboard, Map, Research plan (Data recorder) and flashlight
  • Stacey Crosscut- Disposable camera (Flash) and flashlight

Path to Cemetery: Group walked fairly close together, nothing odd noted, No orbs streaks, sounds smells, nothing on ELF

Entrance of Cemetery: Upon entering cemetery, group moved toward the right front corner, group member noted that first stone looked to be of “Celtic Design” (Tr. Pitts). Began to walk along right hand side of cemetery toward Sarah’s Grave. Entire group heard loud crashing sound. Appeared to be limb falling rapidly but appeared to last for a longer than usual time before ceasing. Group continued on past Sarah’s grave noting other Stones and taking pictures. Walked from Sarah’s Grave towards stone cross in center rear corner of cemetery. Two of the group members heard what appeared to be footsteps outside of the cemetery fence. (Neal, To. Pitts). At same time, group member To Pitts stated to Group member Neal that he saw Green and Yellow streaks throughout the cemetery. Described them as being long lines that appeared to hook on the end. Group continued on toward the cross. Two of the members kissed the cross. (To. Pitts, Tr. Pitts) The other three did not. (Gleason, Neal, Crosscut) Moved toward the left rear corner of cemetery. Group Member Tr. Pitts walked into left rear corner and claimed to have an “eerie” feeling. Group moved toward that corner. All in group noted that temperature in that corner to be cooler than rest of cemetery. Group member Neal noted that ELF was blinking did not change colors only blinked yellow. Blinking was confirmed by all in group. Group member To. Pitts continued to see streaks. Group walked back down the right side of cemetery and continued past Stanley’s Grave. Moved toward front gate exited cemetery continued back to cars and nothing else noted by group at this time.

Back at Car after first pass: Group gathered back at cars, four members smoked cigarettes. Group discussed what they experienced in first pass and equipment was re-distributed.

Re-distributed equipment:

  • Bruce Gleason- Digital Camera, infrared motion detector
  • Todd Pitts- Cassette Recorder w/external microphone
  • Trevor Pitts- Map, Clipboard, Research plan (data recorder) and Flashlight
  • Stacey Crosscut- Disposable Camera (Flash) and 35mm W/ B&W Film

Group still remained close, traveled down path all noted temperature decrease.
Re-entrance of Cemetery: Upon re-entering cemetery, plan was discussed. Tr. Pitts would ask questions of the “spirits”, To. Pitts would record, and remaining in group would be silent and observe. In Lower right corner, Tr. Pitts began to ask various questions near Rose’s Grave. Nothing was noted. Group began to walk along right side toward Sarah’s Grave. Neal noted ELF blinking yellow as walking from Rose to Sarah. Arrived at Sarah’s Grave and Tr. Pitts began to ask various questions. Upon saying, “Show us a sign” group noted began to downpour. Very evident by rain hitting leaves in the forest surrounding entire cemetery. Tr. Pitts started to walk towards center of cemetery and stated that it was not raining within cemetery. Rest of group moved from Sarah’s Grave to center of cemetery, all noted lack of Precipitation but presence of “Raining sound outside of Cemetery. Group Moved toward Stanley’s Grave. (The Hunter) Tr. Pitts began series of questions again. During the questioning, Gleason Stated to Neal that he thought that he heard a rhythmic taping that appeared to be coming from the direction of Sarah’s grave. After the questioning Neal stated that he saw a green orb that looked like the “color of a lighting bug but was much larger in the right rear corner of the cemetery. To. Pitts stated that he too saw the green sphere. Only moments later all in the group heard a gunshot. Group noted the time of the gunshot as 12:00am. Gleason placed infrared motion sensor on top of Stanley’s grave facing the front of cemetery towards the gate. (Detector has range of thirty feet) Group began to move toward the rear of the cemetery in opposite direction of the detector. Group walked 20 to 30 paces and detector went off. All with flashlights illuminated area in which detector was facing. Nobody in group noted anything visible that could have set detector off. Group continued toward right rear corner. All noted temperature in that particular spot in cemetery lower than temperature in rest of cemetery. Crosscut stated she began to see streaks. Tr. and To. Pitts stated they thought the tree next to Stanley’s grave appeared to be glowing. Neal reported Elf Blinking again. Neal and Gleason moved away from corner others remained in corner to observe. Before leaving corner Neal Passed ELF to Tr. Pitts. Neal and Gleason stood 30ft away from group taking pictures and discussing experiment. The other three remained in the corner in a crouching position to see below a low tree branch. Shortly after Neal and Gleason left the group To. Pitts left the other two and approached Neal and Gleason stating that he had a “strange feeling of somebody leaning over him as he crouched down.” He stated that he “could feel the persons clothing brushing against his back.” Soon after the other two members left the corner and all five walked toward the cross. As he was walking in front of the cross toward the right hand side, Tr. Pitts (who now held the ELF) stated that it blinked from safe to caution. Group walked back toward Stanley’s grave to retrieve motion detector. All in group noted nothing within the range of detector had fallen from the tree that could have set it off previously. Group moved toward front gate and exited cemetery.

Walk From Cemetery back to cars: Original plan was to, half way through second pass of cemetery, group would exit rear of cemetery in search of an old foundation and burial ground that is rumored to sit behind cemetery. Group decided not to exit into the woods due to the earlier rain making for a slippery walk. Shortly after exiting cemetery Neal, To. Pitts and Tr, Pitts confided in each other that they believed that they were too disturbed by earlier occurrences to leave the cemetery and venture into the woods and the three were glad group decided not to.

Ride home: The group left the sight in two different vehicles. Neal and To. Pitts in the first and Gleason, Tr. Pitts and Crosscut in the second. Shortly after leaving Guernsey Hollow Rd. To. Pitts and Neal Reported seeing a Deer standing on the side of the road as if to be bidding the group goodbye.

Report Prepared by:
James Neal

Ghost Hunt at Local Business

Just a few miles from my own home and overlooking Chautauqua Lake stands a building high atop a hill shaded by a row of trees. Set back away from Route 394 it has sat for many years watching all those that pass by. A converted farmhouse from the late 1700’s the structure seems sound even after all these years. A large veranda and entryway, the newest editions to this impressive building, blend seamlessly into the original farmhouse. Seams meeting tightly, beams solid, floors creak only slightly as you walk across them. And within these walls many people have thrived through the years. Yet, late at night when the lights are turned low and the sound of cars passing along the interstate dies down you can feel something thrumming through the woodwork. A feeling of dread, possibly it is only a slight uneasiness which courses through you as you finish the night’s work. It could be a feeling of being watched as you toil, or a slight brush against your clothing as if someone had just passed. Unnervingly you finish your work and check the building one last time before you lock the doors tight. If you knew the building well you would know that you were not alone and that as the tumbler in the lock falls home you had left someone inside. As for who that someone is no one has positively known but they have always been there. As sure as the structure has stood all of these years so has a silent figure walked within the walls. 

I had previously talked to the new owner on the phone about what he had experienced and what he thought was going on. To keep the initial ghost hunt as sterile as possibly I opted for him to not tell me what had happened already but just to give me an idea of what to expect. I knew something had occurred and that he was not prepared for what he had gotten himself into when he bought the building. You could hear the uncertainty in his voice about telling me what had happened. After a couple more phone calls and a few missed appointments the ghost hunt was finally on. On a cool Thursday night just as fall was creeping into the air I pulled onto the private road that leads up to the building. My partner and I parked the car and got out to stretch our legs. Even as the cars passed on the Interstate and 394 there was little light to see by. We had gotten there a little early for our meeting and started to discuss what we were expecting of this hunt. Seeing as we knew nothing of what had happened we decided to switch our conversation to other things. Finally a car pulled up and it was the owner, whom I had never met, and he guided us over to the building. Introductions completed he rummaged around in his trunk for some candles to illuminate the building so that we would not trip over anything.

With all of the equipment ready my partner and I ventured into the building. Walking through the front door and into the building which was still being renovated I was struck by the history that I knew had taken place there. Straight ahead was a flight of stairs and to the right a bar area with a long wooden bar that stretched to the end of the room. The owner motioned to the bar so that we could look at the blueprints of the place so that we would have a better idea of what we were walking through. It was then that he bid us farewell and walked outside so that he could wait for us to complete our initial tour and observations. My partner and I knew nothing of what we were walking into. No idea of what had taken place in the walls, only a rough estimate of the buildings layout, a tape recorder, EMF detector, and a flashlight were the only things we were armed with. We started off and walked into the kitchen area, which is located to the right as you face the stairs. It was eerily dark in there and the flashlight only shone a small patch. As we walked through the building we passed building materials and old equipment. Shadows stretched along the walls and there was no noise save for my partner’s and my heavy breathing.

As we walked through the building looking into every room we sensed nothing. Gutted bathrooms with plaster and porcelain gritting under our shoes were clean. The storage rooms and walk in coolers, which we dared not enter in case the doors closed were clean. No readings were recorded in the basement covered in cobwebs and smelling of earth and moisture. Upstairs on the second floor where the carpet felt nice compared to the hardwood we felt nothing. This was how the rest of the visit commenced. Room upon room and corner upon corner examined and nothing. I was beginning to feel like someone was putting me on when we finally got back to the bar. I suggested we go back through only with the flashlight and the 35mm camera so I could get some photos of the place. We walked it all over again and still felt nothing. Back in the kitchen area my partner and I stood shoulder to shoulder in the doorway when a scratching noise fell on our ears. My partner instantly shone the flashlight on the ceiling but could not discern where the noise was coming from. Straight ahead was where I went to looking at the backdoor, which led outside and into the darkness. It sounded like something was scratching at the door rattling it in its hinges. As for if something was trying to get out or in I could not tell. As we stood for a while taking it all in the noise stopped and did not come back. All was silent again. I took the rest of my photos as we walked through the rest of the structure trying to pick up on feelings and temperature changes except nothing else occurred. As we continued I told my partner that the noise sounded to me like a dog was trying to get in after it had gone outside to relieve itself. He nodded saying that could have been what it was but he still was not sure what he heard and where it came from. There were no feelings, cold spots, noises, or anything else supernatural as we wrapped things up. I was disappointed but I knew that I would be back and that the owner had a few stories for me while we waited for his friend to show up with a video they had taken a week prior.

The owner greeted us at the door and asked us how things had gone while we walked out onto the veranda and sat on the bench. I reported to him what we had experienced and then pressed him to tell us what he had seen and felt while he readied the place to open. It was then under the bright lanterns that encircled the veranda that he related to us his experiences with the other side.

It was early in the morning when the owner, James, was supposed to be at the building with William, a friend who was helping him mow the lawn. James had told William that he could not be there before 9:30 and to start without him. As he unloaded his equipment he happened to look up at the wraparound porch and at a man walking along the windows. The man slowly walked from window to window reappearing each time, as he was lost from sight. William assumed that it was James and that he had gotten there early until the man came into view. It was neither James nor anyone that looked even close to anyone that was supposed to be in the building. With lawnmower clenched firmly under hand William watched as the figure passed from one window and out of sight. Later he said that it was the longest half hour that he had to wait.

Under those bright porch lights with the structure looming up out of the darkness above us James still seemed uncomfortable. The click in his throat as his mouth went dry allowed me to understand how deeply these experiences affected him. It seemed as though he expected something to appear all of a sudden in front of us because he kept looking at the building unconsciously checking the windows for a figure that did not belong. He even commented that the building was unusually “quiet” that evening. Supposing this is why my partner and I had felt nothing I hoped that the next time we came to this place that there would be more for us to observe. Even though he said it was unusually quiet James seemed as though he was waiting for the house to pounce and unleash a spectral image or two. Nothing did happen but I found myself checking those windows, not in hope that there would be something there, but hoping that I could catch it watching me before its icy cold stare could pierce my very soul.

The evening was not entirely wasted for my partner and I accompanied James and Sam, the man who took the video, back to James’ house to watch what they had caught on tape. The digital camera that they used had a night vision setting so that they could take video in the complete darkness. I have no idea what I expected but as I sat down with a cold soda in my hand I began to get more and more interested. What the video showed was the building in complete darkness and the three of them huddled in a corner waiting and watching. Passing the time away they started to talk about incidental things the weather, friends, and people stranded on desert isles. What happened next none of them could have guessed. On the view screen small orbs started to appear. They danced and flew through the air like large transparent fireflies. First one very faint one and then a few brighter ones until there was a whole symphony of flying embers. Moving to the stairwell they shot a few flying here and there and then oddly disappearing from sight. It was not until the female in the group said that they were just dust or bugs that something happened. The orbs started coming out of the woodwork and traveling up the stairs to the second floor. Up and over the banister and along the steps themselves to a point high above. When the cameraman finally asked them to slow down so they could have a better look they did. The orb would hang in the air a split second longer and then jet up the stairs for some unknown purpose. It happened again when he asked a second time.

Alone this video may have seemed to be an orchestrated hoax but the reaction to the video as James and Sam watched made me believe them. Even the orbs themselves could be laughed away under certain circumstances but watching them fly about with a mind of their own following the stairs as if they were once again human made me wonder if what I was seeing was the real deal. Although the ghost hunt concluded and no strong evidence gathered I believed that everything they told me was true. To this day I cannot explain the noise at the back door but alone that proves nothing. If ghosts do walk there they walk alone waiting to reveal themselves once again upon the world.