Strange Lights on Newland and Broadhead

Reader Submission: March 3, 2010

My friend and another male friend,and myself…we were outside on a late night enjoying a beautiful summer warmth. We were all giggles and thrills and having a good time. Then out of no where we started to look at the stars…it was a little cloudy but we could see patches of stars here and there…but then we turned to the front of the yard…as we were on the side porch going into the house…low and behold to our amazement high in the sky maybe two miles ahead of us towards Busti and towards Presell School we saw something…

Above the clouds and want to press..above the clouds we saw some rapid lights moving at an unbelievable speed. Scared and yet unmoving we gawked at the lights. It was three of them single and white..but I can not say they were from a single object or three other objects but they were lights that were making a triangle motions. Going in and out form each other. They went the same distance in the same speed and same directions every time. It looked like a shape from a a old witch’s book or something. They were very fast and triangle shapes they made were precise. They were there for and hour before we called the police. Leave it Jamestown police to say that it was nothing… that it was lights from the movie theater in Lakewood. But we wouldn’t have been able to see lights from there at our position. We were on Newland and Broadhead. The police officer laughed at us.. I told him I was not leaving my name cause I knew he thought I was crazy. However I did tell him to send a patrol car to investigate. Not sure if they did but they could have seen it if they did. I have two witnesses besides myself and I must say that it was terrifying and interesting. I never believed before that night. I always wondered if anyone else saw it other than us.

UFO Cherry Creek

UFO Sighting – August 19th, 1965- Cherry Creek, New York
Source: NICAP  (National Investigations Committee on Ariel Phenomenon)

On a warm summer evening we can assume Harold Butcher was milking the cows on his father’s Cherry Creek farm when he heard a bull outside make a noise “Like I have never heard come from an animal before.” Outside the bull was tied to the fence but what he noticed more was a football shaped craft hovering above the ground. The unidentified object was about 50 feet long and 20 feet thick hovering above the trees and the barn. The object was admitting a red vapor from its underside as it descended and just as quickly ascended with the sound of a sonic boom. This was approximately at 8:20pm. Once the authorities were notified and on their way at about 9pm the object returned and once again hovered, descended, and ascended as quickly as it came. The children suffered some stomach illness and investigators noted that the area around where the UFO was that the vegetation was bent and singed. No explanation was given to the sighting of the UFO and to this day no one knows what to make of the strange flying object that appeared over a farm in Cherry Creek.

Strange Light over Mutton Hollow Road

Reader Submission
Sighting Date: November 11, 2006; 11pm

yea had a really scary sighting off of mutton hollow the other night regarding a seriously bright light that appeared and lit up our woods from the sky for about 20 minutes then vanished without a trace it happened Friday into sat weekend of the 11th of this month and I was scared s***less, I am wondering if this has ever happened b4 or if you could help me out to identify what it was there was a police report filed and everything.

It was about 300 yards north off the road just behind our cabin above the pines it was 2300 hrs at night and it disappeared at 2330hrs. It traveled east about 100 yards slowly over the course of the half hr. if not a lil less not sure exact time it vanished between 2320 hrs and 2330 hrs. it was a huge bright light lit up the back side of the pines from the ground right to their tips all we could see was a bright globe (white) and projecting light in a diameter of about 5 or 6 tree lengths and we just bunkered down in our cabin watching through the window locked and loaded I didn’t no what to expect we blacked out our cabin so nothing could see in and we just watched with the police on the phone. No way was I going into the woods to find out what it was till they got there. When we went into the woods we saw nothing we never heard anything at all it was totally silent. and it wasn’t the moon we could see that this was moving through our trees like nothing ive ever seen, we have been there for eight years and have never seen anything like this, I was un able to get into the woods the next day due to heavy rains and a time schedule I had to leave early but this weekend I was in them and nothing no prints no broken trees not a thing. I mean I no what I saw my cus. seen it and we even have a video if it it was just unbelievable.

UFO Evidence Chautauqua Lake

published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Copyright 1964

August 11, 1958; Chautauqua Lake, N.Y.

Time: 9:15 to 10:30 p.m.

Observers: Fred C. Fair, Ph.D., and Gary Phillips.

Dr. Fair, a retired professor of Engineering, New York University, submitted the following log of observations of aerial phenomena. He and Gary Phillips were using a survey transit to observe the altitude and azimuth of certain stars.

  1. A white light was observed moving across the sky to the right and away from the observers. When the transit telescope was sighted on the moving light, possibly a minute had elapsed since it was first observed. At first only one white light was seen, then a second was noted, then a third and finally a fourth light, all four being more or less in line, and each separated by an angular distance of about 2 degrees. It is the opinion of both observers that when the first of the four lights was seen, that there were no other moving lights in the vicinity. Which does not mean that the objects were not in the sky, but that they were not emitting visible light at that time. Shortly after watching all four lights with the naked eye, the third light became about ten times as bright as the others, becoming brighter than Jupiter which was in the same sky area. The other three lights at this time were about as bright as a second magnitude star. A few seconds later this third light rather suddenly dimmed until it was the faintest of the four lights. Due to the narrow field of view of a surveyor’s transit telescope, it is rather difficult to locate and follow a rapidly moving object. By the time that Gary made his first observation through the telescope the moving lights had traveled from Northwest to Southwest, passing close to Jupiter. Gary made the statement that the objects were Flying Saucers, and that the telescope showed that what appeared to be a single light to the naked eye was several lights, and that there was a red light above the others. When Dr. Fair took his turn to observe the lights, three of the objects had already disappeared behind trees to the south. The very brief glance that Dr. Fair had showed several white lights, he thought there were five, and he observed a faint red light to the rear and above the white ones.
  2. Fifteen minutes later, while in a boat on Lake Chautauqua, while looking for    meteors, a single white light was seen in the southeast sky traveling from south to north. The light slowly and continuously varied intensity, fluctuating from 5th to 3rd magnitude, but the time of the cycle was irregular, but of more than three-second duration per cycle. For several seconds the light appeared to be stationary and when it resumed its motion it was traveling in a direction opposite to when first observed. Total time of observation of this light was about five minutes. As it receded in the south it became too faint to be further seen. At about this time a jet trail, making an arc of about 180 degrees was observed in a tighter radius than that described by the first four objects, but following essentially the same course. At the head of the jet trail Gary saw a red glow, possibly the exhaust from the jet.
  3. Still later a different type of lighting was seen close to the horizon in the western sky. We were still out on the lake at the time. A bright, rapidly blinking red and white light moved rapidly from right to left. Soon a similar blinking red and white light was seen to the right of this light, moving from right to left. It was fainter than the other which could have been due to being farther away. When the two lights passed each other they were separated by a vertical angle of about 2 or 3 degrees.
  4. After returning to the transit on shore, star observations were resumed but in a few minutes were interrupted to again observe a white light in the northwest traveling rapidly from west to north. The telescope showed this light to be similar to the first objects. Dr. Fair noted in particular that the five white lights were not arranged in a straight line, but appeared as though spaced on the circumference of an oval.[Emphasis added]. Again, a red light was noted above and slightly to the rear of the white lights. This was followed with the telescope until it disappeared behind some nearby trees. Gary who noticed this object first saw only two white lights. Probably fifteen seconds elapsed before Dr. Fair was sighted on the object and observed that there were five white lights.No vapor trail was observed behind any of the sighted objects.