McClurg Mansion

Reader Submission 10/30/2010

My friend and I were looking for something to do while walking around Westfield. It was raining, and we gradually found ourselves in the McClurg Mansion. We took a tour of the building (it was only my friend, the guide and myself), as we were walking through the second floor, I heard the sounds of a woman whispering/crying, I looked to my friend thinking that it was her trying to tell me something, I asked her if she said something and she said no. I shrugged it off, thinking that she was lying to me and we continued our tour, I continued snapping photos along the way. We got to the master bedroom, it was like an instant temperature difference, the room was cold as ice and as I got closer to the bed it felt as if someone brushed past me. I immediately walked out of the room, refusing to enter it again. As we made our way down to the main floor, I took a photo of the stairs. Later upon reviewing the photos, a shadow of some sort can be seen, as if they were coming down the stairs. Later on, I did some research on the computer about this home, it is said that the maids still haunt the grounds. I still get the the chills thinking about it and I wonder if anyone else has had the same or similar experiences that I’ve had.

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