The Incomplete Paper of De La Roche Hall

De Le Roche Hall which houses the computer and science classes at Saint Bonaventure has had a long past and retains a legend that may not just be urban. Somewhere on the third floor, there is a story that persists of a student that has never left. The story goes that late one night while a student, unnamed of course, was trying to finish a paper a fire broke out. In the conflagration, the student perished.  With the paper incomplete or lost, the spirit of the student still resides in De La Roche night after night toiling away at his studies.  People know because they can see a bright light burning in the third floor lighting the student while he still tries to finish the paper he died trying to complete.

Is this story true?  Has De La Roche been cursed by fire?  If we look into the past of De La Roche you can see a pattern emerge.  June 30, 1908 marks the day a fire broke out in the old college building destroying much leaving only ash behind.  When it was rebuilt the building was renamed Lynch Hall.  With the memory of the previous fire fading away into history, another fire broke out in 1933.  Again, with the building destroyed the college decided to rebuild.  This time the building was renamed De La Roche.  No one knows if the story of the student is true but those that look into the third floor window of De La Roche can only wonder: who is working under the light?

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