Guernsey Hollow Cemetery Report

Bruce Gleason, Jim Neal, Todd Pitts, Trevor Pitts, Stacey Crosscut

Arrival: Checked equipment
Assigned equipment:

  • Bruce Gleason- Movie camera and flashlight
  • Jim Neal- ELF and Disposable camera (No Flash)
  • Todd Pitts- Tape Recorder w/ external microphone
  • Trevor Pitts- Clipboard, Map, Research plan (Data recorder) and flashlight
  • Stacey Crosscut- Disposable camera (Flash) and flashlight

Path to Cemetery: Group walked fairly close together, nothing odd noted, No orbs streaks, sounds smells, nothing on ELF

Entrance of Cemetery: Upon entering cemetery, group moved toward the right front corner, group member noted that first stone looked to be of “Celtic Design” (Tr. Pitts). Began to walk along right hand side of cemetery toward Sarah’s Grave. Entire group heard loud crashing sound. Appeared to be limb falling rapidly but appeared to last for a longer than usual time before ceasing. Group continued on past Sarah’s grave noting other Stones and taking pictures. Walked from Sarah’s Grave towards stone cross in center rear corner of cemetery. Two of the group members heard what appeared to be footsteps outside of the cemetery fence. (Neal, To. Pitts). At same time, group member To Pitts stated to Group member Neal that he saw Green and Yellow streaks throughout the cemetery. Described them as being long lines that appeared to hook on the end. Group continued on toward the cross. Two of the members kissed the cross. (To. Pitts, Tr. Pitts) The other three did not. (Gleason, Neal, Crosscut) Moved toward the left rear corner of cemetery. Group Member Tr. Pitts walked into left rear corner and claimed to have an “eerie” feeling. Group moved toward that corner. All in group noted that temperature in that corner to be cooler than rest of cemetery. Group member Neal noted that ELF was blinking did not change colors only blinked yellow. Blinking was confirmed by all in group. Group member To. Pitts continued to see streaks. Group walked back down the right side of cemetery and continued past Stanley’s Grave. Moved toward front gate exited cemetery continued back to cars and nothing else noted by group at this time.

Back at Car after first pass: Group gathered back at cars, four members smoked cigarettes. Group discussed what they experienced in first pass and equipment was re-distributed.

Re-distributed equipment:

  • Bruce Gleason- Digital Camera, infrared motion detector
  • Todd Pitts- Cassette Recorder w/external microphone
  • Trevor Pitts- Map, Clipboard, Research plan (data recorder) and Flashlight
  • Stacey Crosscut- Disposable Camera (Flash) and 35mm W/ B&W Film

Group still remained close, traveled down path all noted temperature decrease.
Re-entrance of Cemetery: Upon re-entering cemetery, plan was discussed. Tr. Pitts would ask questions of the “spirits”, To. Pitts would record, and remaining in group would be silent and observe. In Lower right corner, Tr. Pitts began to ask various questions near Rose’s Grave. Nothing was noted. Group began to walk along right side toward Sarah’s Grave. Neal noted ELF blinking yellow as walking from Rose to Sarah. Arrived at Sarah’s Grave and Tr. Pitts began to ask various questions. Upon saying, “Show us a sign” group noted began to downpour. Very evident by rain hitting leaves in the forest surrounding entire cemetery. Tr. Pitts started to walk towards center of cemetery and stated that it was not raining within cemetery. Rest of group moved from Sarah’s Grave to center of cemetery, all noted lack of Precipitation but presence of “Raining sound outside of Cemetery. Group Moved toward Stanley’s Grave. (The Hunter) Tr. Pitts began series of questions again. During the questioning, Gleason Stated to Neal that he thought that he heard a rhythmic taping that appeared to be coming from the direction of Sarah’s grave. After the questioning Neal stated that he saw a green orb that looked like the “color of a lighting bug but was much larger in the right rear corner of the cemetery. To. Pitts stated that he too saw the green sphere. Only moments later all in the group heard a gunshot. Group noted the time of the gunshot as 12:00am. Gleason placed infrared motion sensor on top of Stanley’s grave facing the front of cemetery towards the gate. (Detector has range of thirty feet) Group began to move toward the rear of the cemetery in opposite direction of the detector. Group walked 20 to 30 paces and detector went off. All with flashlights illuminated area in which detector was facing. Nobody in group noted anything visible that could have set detector off. Group continued toward right rear corner. All noted temperature in that particular spot in cemetery lower than temperature in rest of cemetery. Crosscut stated she began to see streaks. Tr. and To. Pitts stated they thought the tree next to Stanley’s grave appeared to be glowing. Neal reported Elf Blinking again. Neal and Gleason moved away from corner others remained in corner to observe. Before leaving corner Neal Passed ELF to Tr. Pitts. Neal and Gleason stood 30ft away from group taking pictures and discussing experiment. The other three remained in the corner in a crouching position to see below a low tree branch. Shortly after Neal and Gleason left the group To. Pitts left the other two and approached Neal and Gleason stating that he had a “strange feeling of somebody leaning over him as he crouched down.” He stated that he “could feel the persons clothing brushing against his back.” Soon after the other two members left the corner and all five walked toward the cross. As he was walking in front of the cross toward the right hand side, Tr. Pitts (who now held the ELF) stated that it blinked from safe to caution. Group walked back toward Stanley’s grave to retrieve motion detector. All in group noted nothing within the range of detector had fallen from the tree that could have set it off previously. Group moved toward front gate and exited cemetery.

Walk From Cemetery back to cars: Original plan was to, half way through second pass of cemetery, group would exit rear of cemetery in search of an old foundation and burial ground that is rumored to sit behind cemetery. Group decided not to exit into the woods due to the earlier rain making for a slippery walk. Shortly after exiting cemetery Neal, To. Pitts and Tr, Pitts confided in each other that they believed that they were too disturbed by earlier occurrences to leave the cemetery and venture into the woods and the three were glad group decided not to.

Ride home: The group left the sight in two different vehicles. Neal and To. Pitts in the first and Gleason, Tr. Pitts and Crosscut in the second. Shortly after leaving Guernsey Hollow Rd. To. Pitts and Neal Reported seeing a Deer standing on the side of the road as if to be bidding the group goodbye.

Report Prepared by:
James Neal