Chadakoin Monster


It was no coincidence that Jamestown sprung up along the banks of the Chadakoin River. It was a decision made by James Prendergast when he first laid his eyes on the land that he decided to purchase so that he could create the city that now bears his name. Ideal for lumbering the Chadakoin first assisted the industry in allowing the lumber to be floated down the river to be sold in parts unknown. Ever since the Chadakoin has been the hub of Jamestown industry. Little did Prendergast know that many years later the Chadakoin would be the site of a mystery never truly solved.

It was rumored that sometime in the 1960’s radioactive waste was being dumped into the Chadakoin, it was even a possibility that confiscated weapons were being discarded at the bottom of the river, but even if those rumors are not true the industrialized banks of the Chadakoin could have spawned a monster.  The Chadakoin Monster has stalked the banks of the river since 1994. Tracked by a local biologist and a private investigator evidence was located of an unknown creature. Partially damaged fences and the feces of an unknown creature were collected over the years.  Even strange footprints were found at places the creature was sighted.

During a hunt by a local group a radiation meter registered extremely high radiation levels. The group then was amazed that in the bushes not too far from where they were standing a rustling started. Then without warning a huge creature emerged with a loud wail and ran off.  It was described by an eye witness as, “huge, slimy and frightening…. unlike anything he had ever seen.”

What this creature was and where it came from is something that may never be answered. Could it have been a carefully orchestrated hoax over a two-year period culminating with an eyewitness account during a hunt for that specific creature?  Or could the possibility exist that the Chadakoin spawned a creature not of this world? Either way it may just be a good idea to keep your eyes open for anything strange when you are by the Chadakoin. Sightings still persist and no answers have ever been put forth as to what lurks along the Chadakoin.