The Ghosts of Deveruex Hall

Sitting silently and morose, abandoned for years atop the Devereux Hall dormitory is the fifth floor. Better known by the student body as “Fifth Dev” this portion of the building has always circulated rumors.  Chief among them is the story of a black mass being performed by three students who became curious enough to try to conjure the devil one night in the 1960’s.  Using a few books dedicated to the invocation of evil spirits and some stolen unconsecrated hosts the students set about their task. We can only imagine them huddled in the darkness chanting sacrilegious incantations to summon the master of darkness himself.  Whether they succeeded or not is a matter of conjecture.  What is known is that a Friar on some unknown rounds may have interrupted the students, that the students did actually steal the hosts, and that shortly after the incident one of the suspected students was treated for psychological problems.  Fifth Dev, which used to be a student lounge, was closed off after that, Of course generating additional rumors and solidifying them as fact, the “coincidental” closing of the floor seemed to prove something did occur there. Therefore, the floor still sat empty and unused, presumably being renovated.  When Fifth Dev was reopened a few years after the incident it was immediately shut down again for reasons unknown. 

There is uncertainty if the Devil himself came to earth that night or if spirits merely walk there drawn by the dark imprint put upon Fifth Dev that fateful night.  Sitting behind locked doors is a room that perpetuates rumors year after year.  What did happen on Fifth Dev almost Fifty years ago? Was the floor shut down because of demonic possession or is there still something trapped within the walls waiting to get out?

Over the years stories have cropped up in regards to a hooded figure haunting the students of Devereux Hall. Many have seen him roaming the halls, through a window on the fifth floor, and even standing at the end of their bed only to vanish before them. What this spectral figure is no one can say. Many have concluded that it has something to do with that fateful night in the 1960’s.

Another story about a supposed ghost tells about a phantom spirit who jogs through the halls of Devereux. It could be a student or even a Friar running to a destination that only they know.  It has also been alluded to that a young student even hung himself in one of the rooms of Devereux Hall. It was in the closet to be exact and he has stayed there ever since.

The final spirit of Devereux Hall did not walk within but is said to haunt the World War II memorial that lay behind the building. The memorial was placed there to remember those students that died serving their country in the War. It was said that while this memorial was in place that the copper nameplates, tarnished over the years were near illegible. It was then that the story took on a supernatural luster.  One soldier in particular, William J. Cooper was said to come back once a year to shine is nameplate. It is odd because his name looked as new as the day it was put in while the others were still illegible. What these spirits want no one knows but from class to class, from generation to generation the stories are told repeatedly taking on a life of their own.


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