Fenton Historical Society

Reader Submission March 3, 2010

Ok everyone who grew up in Jamestown has been to or at least heard of the Fenton Museum in Jamestown. It sits on a dark hill and one of the oldest and most historical sites of the town. Many mysteries come from there. Such as the wife and daughter of Mister Fenton died a yr to the day of each other and if I’m correct on the birthday of the daughter.

Well one day I took my son, My daughter, and my nephew to see the historical place. Well they seemed pleased..However we went to the second level of this place and I had my camera ready to miss nothing. As a child everyone said it was haunted and I wanted to see. I wanted to know if there was a such thing as ghosts. Well As we went up stairs I opened a door to a room that was for storage. It was supposed to be locked. However a had a calling..a feeling. I couldn’t help my self. The room was dark not any light at all. The floor for the room was raised and about two or three feet higher from the floor itself. It was crammed full of stuff. I took three consecutive shots with my camera and shut the door afraid to get caught. Well strange as it may seem both of my kids got really sick after that. My son even more so than my daughter. He was seated on the stairs crying that he wanted to leave and that his head hurt and he felt really sick to his stomach.

Well we left after that and he vomited as we got home and felt remarkably better. I thought the pics were nice but no evidence of any thing. Then later in August I was scamming threw my pics and noticed that room. The three pics. My sister had given the camera for my birthday and I was now more accustomed to using it. So I zoomed in on the pics all the way and started looking at the stuff in the room. Well on this aquarium looking thing I was this weird light or something. As I got to the second it changed and looked more strange like a face or something not moving positions…then on the third I saw… and others agreed… for I believed I was going crazy..a mans face about 50 yrs in age in a a hat from the civil war or something. You can see every detail to his face. He looked sad or mad not sure. But this is a picture of a man who served. I wondered if it was one of Mr. Fenton’s family members or himself. I don’t believe in ghosts but this is something so unbelievable. I actually would love ghost lab to see these pics. I am always willing to show them to someone. Everyone who see them knows or believes I caught something on that camera. I would be willing to meet with someone about this and do more research at the Fenton Museum with some help.

The strangest part of this is that my kids got so sick and were fine when we got home. My son used to talk to people that wasn’t there as a child. Laughing. I always got creeped out like he was crazy at 18 months old. And that is not the age for pretend friends. He would talk to them at 3 am. However I think he is very sensitive and whatever I caught on film bothered him that day. It was raining but that wasn’t the reason for the ailment.

Children and Ghosts

I remember when I was a child, but only slightly, that I had an imaginary friend oddly enough called Casper. It was not until I started writing this book and creating this web site that my family reminded me that I used to play for hours with my friend. Specifically, I had an old record player made for kids that was in its own case and I used to play Disney records on it all the time. I was told I would sit for hours listening and singing along to “It’s a Small World After All”, and “Davey Crockey” as I used to call him.

All of this I did with my imaginary “friend.” One night I was put to bed and my parents heard me behind my door talking. They assumed I was talking to my friend before I went to sleep. After awhile they heard me yelling a little bit and soon after I calmed down and went to sleep. When I awoke the next morning I had a black eye. When my parents asked me what happened I said that Casper and I had a fight and he hit me. He then flew out the window. From then on I never talked to or saw my imaginary friend again. I know it sounds a little strange, well; a lot strange but there is a couple explanations for this behavior of mine.

As a child I did have an imaginary friend named Casper and that was all he was. He was created by my childlike mind since I only played by myself. Or could he have been an actual spirit that I talked to? Now before you pass judgment listen to a few facts. Children and ghosts have been studied for quite some time and a few things have come out of it. First, a child is more apt to encounter a spirit and this usually occurs before the age of six. The theory being that a child up until that age has no preconceived notions that what he or she is seeing is not real. A child at that age lives in a world where imaginary friends are real. It is not until parents begin to condition children into thinking what they see and hear are figments of an over active imagination. Think of it like this a child is scared of the monster under the bed but we continue to say there is no such thing. After awhile a child learns that it is not real and is no longer afraid. As adults the question we have to ask ourselves is there really a monster? The child certainly believes there is.

I cannot remember where I saw this story but in my research I came across and account of a child who began to do wonderful things. At the age of six or so a boy began to create wonderful things out of building blocks. Whole towns, scenes, objects that were well out of his skill range began to appear while he played. There was no explanation other than the fact that this boy was a genius. Proud, the parents began to question the small boy where the ideas came from. He stated that they came from “the man” that he talked to. Concerned now the parents probed further fearing their son was being approached by a strange man. As the details began to emerge one of the parents blanched for the description of the man was that of their deceased father. The boy then went on to say that this man was where all the ideas came from. What are we to make of this story? It seems straight forward enough either the boy was a genius or his deceased grandfather was speaking to him, either way it is a fantastic story.

I don’t want to say that without a doubt my “imaginary friend” was a spirit that I played with but doesn’t it make a little sense? I simply believe that at a young age the receptors to other planes of existence are wide open, free to sense everything around them. There are things out there and children can see them and then the receptors slowly begin to shut down. The world becomes a little more chaotic with school approaching and our minds begin to process ideas and thoughts more. At some point the receptors can stay open sometimes a lot, sometime a little but it makes me believe that everyone has the ability, it is simply that not everyone wants to allow it to come through. If we keep our minds op