Strange Lights on Newland and Broadhead

Reader Submission: March 3, 2010

My friend and another male friend,and myself…we were outside on a late night enjoying a beautiful summer warmth. We were all giggles and thrills and having a good time. Then out of no where we started to look at the stars…it was a little cloudy but we could see patches of stars here and there…but then we turned to the front of the yard…as we were on the side porch going into the house…low and behold to our amazement high in the sky maybe two miles ahead of us towards Busti and towards Presell School we saw something…

Above the clouds and want to press..above the clouds we saw some rapid lights moving at an unbelievable speed. Scared and yet unmoving we gawked at the lights. It was three of them single and white..but I can not say they were from a single object or three other objects but they were lights that were making a triangle motions. Going in and out form each other. They went the same distance in the same speed and same directions every time. It looked like a shape from a a old witch’s book or something. They were very fast and triangle shapes they made were precise. They were there for and hour before we called the police. Leave it Jamestown police to say that it was nothing… that it was lights from the movie theater in Lakewood. But we wouldn’t have been able to see lights from there at our position. We were on Newland and Broadhead. The police officer laughed at us.. I told him I was not leaving my name cause I knew he thought I was crazy. However I did tell him to send a patrol car to investigate. Not sure if they did but they could have seen it if they did. I have two witnesses besides myself and I must say that it was terrifying and interesting. I never believed before that night. I always wondered if anyone else saw it other than us.

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